The Lorraine Wood Furniture Association (P.L.A.B.) is a non-profit organization (as per the 1901 law), created in November 1992 by a joint business initiative involving the Lorraine furniture industry, local businessmen and various political leaders.

In 2008, PLAB had close to 80 members with 3,126 employees, which included approximately 70% of all the Lorraine furniture sector employees.

PLAB is the primary Lorraine economic partner for this industry and it is the only economic assistance organization dedicated to the furniture sector in the entire country.

In January 1999, PLAB obtained the SPL label (localized productive system) which is a true recognition of the skills inherent to this geographic sector. It should also be stated that, in 2006, only 111 SPL's were registered in France.

In 2005, PLAB's expertise was once again officially recognized. The businesses in Haute-Marne can also benefit from PLAB's expertise now that an agreement with the Haute-Marne Local Council has been ratified. 
In the beginning of 2005, Plab helped to encourage the expansion of the furniture market into the housing planning sector in order to share its expertise with related sectors such as home decoration, lighting and other accessories.