PLAB's Missions

PLAB's activities have involved the entire Lorrain territory as well as the Haute Marne since 2005.
The PLAB members are essentially from the 4 Lorrain departments. The largest membership is in Meuse and Vosges where there has always been a strong furniture manufacturing industry. 

Their missions consist of :

• Economic Organization
> assisting company managers to develop successful strategies
> assistance with the creation and development of business networks
> assistance with development of sales at the national and international levels
> assistance with innovation and creation of new products

• Information and Communications
> organization of theme-based days
> creation of a website as an effective  information-sharing center and promotional tool for member businesses
> publication of various sales-oriented communication bulletins
> publication of a newsletter and PLAB info to connect the businesses and the partners
> development of a library of furniture-related studies, reference books and magazines

• The Environment
> assistance with PEFC certification
> introduction of collective dangerous and benign waste management
> encouragement of good environmental practices (awareness, energy usage diagnostics, integration of the Eco concept etc.)

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