Arch Bed :
Bed with an arch at one end
Armoire :
Storage furniture with door-enclosed shelving for linens and other supplies
Articulated bed : 
Folding bed
Banquette :
A padded or wicker bench
Bar stool bed :  A basic stool with tall legs but without a back or arms
Basket Bed : Bed whose ends are attached to side rails, there are different types of baskets
Bed Canopy :  Tapestry placed above beds
Bench :  A narrow, long seat with or without a back, seating several people
Bergère : A large armchair with a padded back, full arm rests, arm rest pads and back decorated with a removable cushion
Bonheur du jour : A small ladies desk with drawers
Bonnetière : A tall, narrow armoire normally used to store hats
Bookshelf :  A small piece of furniture with shelving, without doors or drawers
Bread Bin : 
Openwork piece of furniture used to store bread
Bridge : A seat a chair with armrests
Buffet : Household furniture, cabinet with two sections, used to store dishes
Bunk bed : Bed with multiple sleeping sections placed above one another   
Cabriole chair :   A small seat normally with a concave back and padded armrests
Cage bed : 
Folding bed that, when folded, forms a cage around the bedding
Canapé : A long seat with a padded back and armrests seating several people
Caned seat : Seat garnished with braided bullrush or rattan
Chauffeuse : A low, comfortable seat with a high back for use near fireplaces
Chest : A low, elongated storage box with a hinged lid
Chiffonnier : A tall, narrow piece of furniture with drawers
China cabinet : A storage unit whose top part has shelves to hold dishes
Console : Small decorative table placed against a wall
Convertible sleeper :
Sofa seat or bench which can be converted into a bed
Corner Cupboard :
Small triangular piece of furniture placed in a corner
Cozy Corner :  Corner couch
Credence :
 Small piece of furniture used to display dishes
Cushion Seat:
Small padded seat with no back nor arms
Day bed :  Low bed, divan or sofa upon which one can lie to rest during the day
Desk : A writing table, supplied with or without drawers
Divan : Lounging bed with no arms or back and normally includes cushions
Dresser : Large, low piece of furniture with drawers to store linen and/or clothing
Dressing table :  Small makeup table for women, with drawers and a mirror
Filing Cabinet : Small cabinet for mobile storage container for documents
Folding Table : Table whose platform is made of two components which fold on one another
Guéridon : Round or oval table with a central base
Half armoire :
Furnishing furniture which looks like a narrow, vertical sideboard
Half-moon Table : Table whose top surface is a half-moon.
Italian Table : Table whose end-extensions slide under the main platfor
Jelly buffet : Small piece of furniture used for storage
LA-Z-BOY chair :  Seat which can be inclined into different rest positions
Living :  Large-sized household furniture for multiple storage
Louis XV roll-top secretary desk : Desk with drawers and a scrolling lid
Lounge Chair :  A long seat on which a person can lay down
Medaillon chair :  Seat with a round or oval back, padded
Méridienne : Resting bed with two night tables of unequal height attached by a head board
Nesting Table : Tables whose surfaces are of differents sizes so that they can be stored underneath one another
 Night Table :  A small piece of furniture that is placed near the head of the bed
Ottoman : Oval sofa whose back extends into enveloping armrests
Packed bed :  Bed with an upholstered trim
Padded bed :  Bed whose padding forms a lining
Pedestral :
A small piece of furniture with feet, with or without a door
Poudreuse : 
Small piece of furniture whose upper compartment is closed by a mirrored lid
Press-bed : 
Bed that can close like an armoire
Rocking chair : Armchair that rocks
Rows :
Small pieces of furniture placed beside one another     
Scribanne : Tall piece of furniture whose upper portion is glassed and forms a slope surmounted by an armoire body
Secretary : Piece of furniture with drawers, shelves and a writing surface
Secretary desk : A table with a rounded envelope
Semainier : Dresser with seven drawers
Sewing : Small box with compartments to store sewing accessories
Shelving : 
Group of layered shelving units
Side Table : Small piece of furniture on which dishes are placed
Sideboard :
Household furniture, a small buffet
Silver Cabinet :  Silver storage furniture with glass upper cabinet
Sloping top desk : 
Small, slanted piece of furniture for reading and/or writing
Sofa : Seat with 2 or 3 padded places and no exposed wood on sides or back
Sofa-Bed : A sofa that transforms into a bed
Squat chair :   Flared seat with padded bottom
Stand : A small table
Strawed seat : Seat garnished with straw
Surmeuble : Tall piece of storage furniture
Table with extensions : Furniture composed of a platform whose useful surface can be increased with extensions
Table with leaves : Table whose useful surface area includes sections which can folded down or up
Trundle Bed : Bed with another bed stored underneath
Turquoise : Seat with two arms in the form of a cross
Voyelle : A chair designed to allow one to sit astride it
Wall system :  Piece of furniture of different sizes which can be combined to store various
Wing chair : Seat with protruding wings on the upper part for resting one's head
Writing table with a "dos d'ane" : Desk with drawers topped with a "dos d'ane"
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