Collection Pierre Counot Blandin

Collection Pierre Counot Blandin
7, route de Joinvile
88350 Liffol-le-Grand

Tel. : 03 29 06 62 40
Fax Number : 03 29 06 78 04

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NAF Code : 3109 A
SIREN Number : 793 942 483

Description of the business activity of Collection Pierre Counot Blandin

Collection Pierre Counot Blandin produces exact replicas of the works of the great masters from the XVIIth to the XIXth centuries, interpretations and pure creations. Our furniture is focused on three great collections: the PERIOD collection with such originals as Jacob, Birkel, Séné; Lelarge, Delannois, among others - the ART DECO collection, a style that company has brilliantly expressed since the beginning, including replications of models created by Emile and Pierre Counot, Ruhlmann and Leleu creations such as those manufactured for Compagnie Générale Transatlantique, furniture inspired by Eric Bagge and Marcel Coard, etc.
To these flagship products, we have also added a new collection of furniture, armchairs and sofas with Classic and Neo classic lines.

Detailed Description
Manufactured Products Chairs, seats, sofas, accessory products.
Style Luxury, Rustic, Deco.
Raw Materials Beech, oak.
Distributors Specialty shops.
Exports European Union

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