Création Vidon Gerlier

Création Vidon Gerlier
40 rue d'Orléans
55130 Houdelaincourt

Tel. : 03 29 89 70 30
Fax Number : 03 29 89 62 02

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Sole company
NAF Code : 3109B
SIREN Number : 333 412 674

Description of the business activity of Création Vidon Gerlier

Tapestry-maker and decorator. Yannick Vidon Gerlier, a Lorraine artisan, is a staunch defender of the local furniture tradition but he is also committed to the development of contemporary creations.
He offers you the best products with the highest quality.

Detailed Description
Manufactured Products Chairs, seats, sofas, design furniture, related products.
Style Classic, Luxury, Deco.
Raw Materials Beech, chipboard, MDF.
Normes/labels/certifications VIA Label. Maitre Artisan   
SEMA 2003 prize, art of contemporary design (local and regional prize)
ATF : Label of Artisan - Tapissiers de France (Upholsterers of France)             
Exports European Union, Latin America.

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