ILM Agencements

ILM Agencements
ZI Moncel rue Lavoisier
54303 Luneville

Tel. : 03 83 73 85 07
Fax Number : 03 83 73 84 55

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Manager :
Gilbert MANG
Contact :
Gilbert MANG

SIREN Number : 326 625 126

Description of the business activity of ILM Agencements

ILM Agencements is an industrial woodworking company specialized in the creation, manufacturing and installation of laboratory and medical office furniture.
Since its creation in 1983, ILM has continued to develop and is recognized today to be a creative and competitive SMC. Our knowledge and notoriety have been established in many fields including:
    • scientific and medical research
    • education, universities and renowned schools
    • private and public hospitals
    • industry
    • public health and environmental institutions.
ILM Agencements has been certified to QUALIBAT 7332 since 1994 as a designer, manufacturer and installer of a wide variety of laboratory furniture.

Detailed Description
Manufactured Products Bathroom furniture, design furniture, utility furniture, accessory furniture, hospital and laboratory
Style Classic.
Raw Materials Particle board, MDF, PPH-PE plastics, acrylic and polyester resins.
Normes/Labels/Certifications NF EM 15175.
Manufacturing Equipment Traditional wood-manufacturing machinery, panel-manufacturing equipment, 2 computer-controlled
manufacturing centers.

Professional networks..
Exports European Union

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