Jouets Petitcollin SARL

Jouets Petitcollin SARL
ZI - 2, rue des Fontangues
55400 Etain

Tel. : 03 29 87 22 71
Fax Number : 03 29 87 00 65

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Manager :
Contact :
Mme Fabienne CAUSERO

NAF Code : 3240 Z
SIREN Number : 401 371 364

Description of the business activity of Jouets Petitcollin SARL

Petitcollin is the last remaining French doll manufacturer and  guards a unique and ancient know-how.
Petitcollin has been a living heritage business since 2007.

Detailed description

Manufactured Products Toys (dolls, little dolls, baby dolls).
Raw Materials Plastics, fabrics.
Normes/Labels/Certifications Norm CE EN-71-1/2/3
Label: Living Heritage Company.
Manufacturing Equipment Blowing press, rotational moulding oven, machines for implanting hair and fixing on eyes, textile-manufacturing equipment.
Distributors Department stores, specialty shops, remote sales, toy stores, gift shops, on-line boutiques.
Exports European Union, North America, Japan, Australia.

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