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Tel. : 03 29 06 60 27
Fax Number : 03 29 06 68 00

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Manager :
M. Olivier GRANDIN
Contact :
M. Olivier GRANDIN

2008 NAF Code : APE 3109A
SIRET Number :
537 984 221 000 29

Description of the business activity of Delaroux
Delaroux, a traditional house founded in 1946 in Liffol-Le-Grand, specializes in the creation of seats, tables, benches, and custom-made furniture, in collaboration with many decorators and architects. Our workshops produce quality, stylish seating as well as seats with more contemporary lines to satisfy the growing demand of hotel industry professionals and forward-looking decorators. Using both traditional techniques and cutting-edge technology, our workshops can produce all sorts of creations implementing the know-how of our carpenters, sculptors, varnishers, and upholsterers. In France and abroad, Delaroux is known and recognized for their skill in producing quality projects in the hotel and restaurant industry, Parisian breweries, and government markets. Our expertise legitimately falls within the circle of the “Living Heritage Companies” (Entreprises du Patrimoine Vivant, or EPV).  

Detailed description
Manufactured products
 Chair, table, bench, sofa, period seat, furniture layout, furniture for communities, garden furniture
Style  Classical, contemporary, luxury, bistro
Raw materials
 Beech, pine, oak, exotic wood, fir, birch, maple, particle board, MDF
Manufacturing equipment
 Traditional woodworking machines, 5-axis digital machining centre
Standards / Certifications / Labels / Trademarks
 EPV label
Distributors  Interiors designers, architects, hotels, restaurants, layout companies, brasseries ...
Exports European Union, Asia, North America

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