Couverts de Mouroux

Couverts de Mouroux
7, Rue des Rochottes
88260 DARNEY

Tel. : 03 25 01 18 85
Fax Number : 03 25 01 18 94

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Manager :
Mme Frédérique MAILLEY
Contact :
Mme Frédérique MAILLEY

NAF Code : 2571Z SIRET Number : 542 053 350 000 71

Description of the business activity of Couverts de Mouroux
Since 1895, the year of its creation, COUVERTS DE MOUROUX has been a major player in French jewellery. Using the most precious metals, solid silver, silver-plated metal, and more modern metals such as steel, COUVERTS DE MOUROUX manufactures cutlery as well as a whole range of tableware and decorative objects with the highest quality requirements. Starting from a basis of classical French styles (Louis XV, Empire…), its products have been supplemented over time by models from the major artistic movements of the 20th century, such as Art Nouveau and Art Deco. Today, the company works with major contemporary designers such as Jean-Baptiste Sibertin-Blanc, Mathilde Bretillot, Les Héritiers, … to develop its lines. Thanks to the diversity of its products and its expertise, COUVERTS DE MOUROUX attracts a large clientele ranging from palaces and luxury hotels in Paris and abroad to leading luxury brands; it is able to study any type of project using any metal forming technique.

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Cutlery, tableware, and decorative objects
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