75 rue Étienne OLRY
54170 ALLAIN

Tel. : 03 83 52 09 50

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Manager :
M. Hervé MAYON
Contact :
M. Hervé MAYON

2008 NAF Code : 4649Z
SIRET Number : 341 734 473 00026

Description of the business activity of M.H DIFFUSION
The workshops of La Licorne Verte are the result of an idea that is at once simple and ambitious: recreating plant life. How do you give life back to a tree? In order to meet this challenge, the workshops of La Licorne Verte had to develop their own techniques, forge their own expertise, and invent their own tradition, with nature as their sole source of inspiration.

Detailed description
Manufactured products
Style  Contemporary, natural, Art Deco
Raw materials
Beech, pine, birch, oak, exotic wood, fir, spruce, cherry, linden, maple, olive, palm
Manufacturing equipment

Standards / Certifications / Labels / Trademarks
“La Licorne Verte” and “Mano boscott creation” / Living Heritage Company (EPV) label
Distributors  Household equipment, major stores, major food retailers, communities, architects, decorators, hospitality sector, opera houses, theatres, museums, art centres, stores and showrooms, direct sales to individuals
Exportations European Union, North America, Africa

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