Tannerie Sovos Grosjean

Tannerie Sovos Grosjean
21 rue des Tanneries

Tel. : 03 29 25 00 07
Fax Number : 03 29 25 81 29

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Manager :
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Mme Christelle HANTZ

2008 NAF Code : 1511Z
SIRET number: 519 764 377 000 15

Description of the business activity of Tannerie Sovos Grosjean
The Sovos Grosjean Tannery, founded in 1864, produces full-grain cattle hides for furniture, boating, aviation, leather goods, leather casing, shoes and wristwatches. The use of full-grain leather is a guarantee of quality sofas, chairs, armchairs, etc. The origin of our leather is guaranteed to be from EU France and Germany. Our production process meets REACH standards. We have a 1,500 reference colour range. Production of shades on request without minimum order.

On request, the following finishes may be applied to the leather:

• Soft and smooth 13/15 thickness
• Smooth veneer 12/14 thickness
• Classic soft-grained 12/14 in thickness or sports chic 20/22 thickness
• Two-tone grain 12/14 thickness
• Smooth metallic or soft iridescent 13/15 thickness

Technical Finishes:

• Water-repellent
• Fireproofed BS 5852
• Fireproofed FAR 25853
• "Outdoor" Ulysses leather  

Detailed Description
Manufactured Products  Leather upholstery - plant, saddlery
Raw Materials  Skins of bulls and bullocks
Manufacturing Equipment
 Softening fuller, 3 lines of dyeing and pigmentation, platen press, cylinder press,  trowel, buffing
Normes/labels/certifications  FAR 25853 Aerospace Non-flammable Certification (USA) - 5852 BS Inflammable Furniture Certification (British)
Trademark  Tanneries Sovos Grosjean - Sovos
Distributors  Artisans, architects, interior designers, industrial furniture suppliers, private suppliers
Exports  EU, North America and Asia

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