Chêne de l'Est

Chêne de l'Est
24 rue de la Fontaine

Tel. : 03 87 98 03 42
Fax Number : 03 87 98 53 50

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Manager :
M. Raymond BACH
Contact :
M. Jean-Michel BACH

2008 NAF Code : 201A
SIRET Number : 819 119 348 00012

Description of the business activity of Chêne de l'Est
“Chêne de l'Est” is a family business which manufactures solid and engineered wood flooring ready for installation.  From the tree to the finished product ready to install, all the stages of the manufacturing of the wood flooring take place in our workshops.  This gives you a real guarantee of quality.
We are entirely dedicated to the manufacturing of wood flooring, paying particular attention to the quality of our finishes, in the complete range of Traditional Flooring: Traditional French style,  Cut Oak, Loft, etc.  and more recently in Structured oak.  We also offer  flooring in Traditional Hungarian and French Herringbone styles as well as our “Versailles” model; all of these designs have met with resounding success. 

Detailed description
Manufactured products  Solid wood flooring and engineered wood flooring
Style  Art Deco
Raw materials
Manufacturing equipment  Traditional machines for wood working, 4 production lines of wood flooring, 3 varnishing booths, 1 automated production line using hydro and UV finishing techniques, specialized in all surface treatments and aspects of wood flooring.
Standards / labels / patents  PEFC, Parquets de France, FEP, Chêne de l'Est
Distributors  Specialty retailers, artisans, architects, decorators, hospitality markets and one showroom
Exports  European Union, North America, and Asia.

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