7 Route de Saffais
54290 Haussonville

Tel. : 03 83 71 20 33
Fax Number : 03 83 71 22 43

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Manager :
Bertrand PERRIN
Contact :
Bertrand PERRIN

APE Code : 2811Z
SIRET Number : 451 895 635 000 22

Description of the business activity of A2FI
 The A2FI company specializes in fine metal work and art ironworks; it offers several different types of manufacturing: bending, rolling, welding for either one-off or mass-production.
A2FI works with steel, stainless steel and aluminium, with leading-edge equipment, powerful laser cutting machine for flat pieces and tubes.

Detailed description
Manufactured products  chairs, seats, frames, custom furniture for local authorities, office furniture, storage furniture, outdoor furniture, furniture parts, industrial subcontracting, manufacturing of fine metal work and boiler making.
Style Young, luxury, deco
Raw materials
steel , stainless steel, aluminium, plastic
Manufacturing equipment laser cutting machine, press, folder, rolling machine, TIG, MIG, MAG welding, laser cutting on rotolaz
Standards / labels / patents Carter military vehicle
Distributors Craftsmen, architects, decorators, furniture manufacturers, petrochemical industry and road landscaping industry, direct sales to individuals, a store and a showroom
Exports European Union

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